goals for wayzata school district

Milind envisions the city making a giant leap from the Moon to Mars through bold decision making.  

As your council representative, I envision actively pursuing the following issues, in addition to supporting the city council goals: 

In addition to meeting the School Board's goals, and based on feedback from parents, neighbors and friends, I will actively pursue the following issues, as your School Board representative:

Safety in schools: 
Safety in our schools is of paramount importance to me. Want to know more about my stance on COVID safety? Watch my short video below!


Education equity: 
The achievement gap between students needs to be addressed.  Decisions which provide access and opportunities to students and educators, rooted in an understanding of socio economic differences are needed.  It is not just the graduation rates that matter; the college readiness based on the math and reading scores are vital as well.

Potential shortage of school space: 
The School District is facing a rapid increase in housing resulting in more children attending schools.  This rapid growth in housing through redevelopment of land in the school district will necessitate a review of class room space.

Healthy school meals program: 
The school district has come a long way toward feeding nutritious meals to students, but more work needs to be done to ensure a program with choices catered to different student demographics.

Funding for students with  disabilities:
Students with  disabilities need more funding.  Some parents pull such students out of our school and home school their student as a result of the school's inability to provide funding.

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