I am proud, humbled, and grateful to have received the following endorsements:

Vice Chancellor
University of Mumbai

I have known Dr Milind Sohoni since 1974, when we both entered college life for the first time.  Milind showed his softer and caring side during those years when he volunteered countless hours in service of orphaned children.  He took the lead during a very successful clothing collection drive in 1977 when a cyclone hit the coastal town of Andhra Pradesh, killing 10,000 people.

In addition to academic achievements, Milind was a keen sportsman and represented the college in Volley Ball, and won the college body building title in 1978.  As if this was not enough, Milind’s ultimate crowning glory was his election as Chairman of the Bombay University Students’ Council representing 130 colleges and about 200,000 students.

After finishing our under graduate degrees, our paths diverted, both of us pursuing graduate degrees, with Milind traveling abroad for his doctorate while I earned mine at the University of Bombay.  With a voracious appetite for education, Milind also pursued an MBA from the University of Minnesota, and has been successful in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, never forgetting his past and continuing to give himself in the service of others.

Giving back to the community is at the core of what Milind is.  I am happy and honored to endorse Milind for a seat on the Wayzata School Board.  I have no doubt that he will always strive to do what is best for the students, and make public education a possibility for all.  I wish him the best now, and in the future.


Former Hopkins City Council Member

As a Wayzata High School graduate and now resident of Wayzata public school district, I am proud to support and vote for Dr. Sohoni for Wayzata school board.

Over the last year, I have been routinely impressed by Dr. Sohoni’s expertise and passion, which I think would result in him being a fantastic addition to our school board. I believe that his unique experiences, education, and history with the school district make him a very well-qualified candidate. As a community member, I appreciate his mission to promote equity for all, which I am confident would make our students prosper at Wayzata.

I strongly believe that Dr. Sohoni is an excellent choice for Wayzata school board, and look forward to voting for him in November.

Former Plymouth City Council Member of 18 years

Milind Sohoni would make the perfect Board Member for the Wayzata School Board. He brings diversity to the Board and his business experience brings real world experience that will help implement school board policy and curriculum that will ready students for the adult world they will be moving into.

Former President
Maple Grove Rotary Club

 I have known Milind for a long time (40+ years). His passion and determination to accomplish his goal has always impressed me. I am glad Milind is running for Wayzata school Board. Milind himself is a highly educated individual who understands the value of good education. His knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial spirit will provide a fresh and independent thinking and will be invaluable for a school board.

Young Scientist Roundtable

Wayzata Community Ed

I endorse Dr. Milind Sohoni for a seat on the Wayzata School Board.   
Milind has strong engineering background, a Ph.D. in chemistry and MBA from the Carlson School of Business.  He has a very diverse, rich and productive work experiences.  He held executive positions both in technical and non-technical fields.  Last 15 years of his career he operated a small business in Minnetonka.   So, in addition to talent, experience and energy, he now has time to give back to the community where he has lived for over 25 years.  He is a superb candidate.  I fully support his candidacy and I hope you will as well.
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Former Wayzata Teacher and Debate Coach for 33 years

It is my pleasure to endorse Milind Sohoni as a candidate for the Wayzata School Board.  I have known Milind for eighteen years and have found him to be an outstanding  parent, community member, and business leader.
   As a first-generation immigrant, Mr. Sohoni understands the issues of diversity and will be an advocate for all students in the community.  His educational background includes a doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Minnesota.     Milind Sohoni has worked advising businesses in the twin cities and owned a business for 15 years.  He is invested in the community and in the future of our students.  Fair-minded and conscientious, he will serve our district well.
     I was honored to have both of his children as students and members of the Wayzata debate team.  They mirrored his belief in hard work and won many awards throughout their time on the team.  Serving as assistant debate coaches, they gave back to the team, helping others to achieve.  Milind was a delight to work with.  He always showed respect for the teachers, coaches, and administrators who gave their time to his children.  As a part of Milind’s legacy, both of his children hold leadership positions in Teach for America, helping the goal of providing a quality education to all children.
   As a dedicated parent and community leader, Milind will always support the students, parents and educators in our district with passion.